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New Ad Unit Makes Online Marketing Affordable

February 2, 2010

Since the internet’s beginning many things have evolved, but one has stayed true.  People love to market on the internet; always have and always will.

First banners, then text links, contextual advertising, sponsorships and now social media.  Companies, businesses, and individuals love to market online.  There is a new ad unit making its way through the internet that could be the future of online advertising.

The main fallacy about the internet is that only the “big boys” can afford real online marketing.  The process to negotiate, purchase, and create traditional banner ads can be lengthy and costly.  The Digital Flyerboard eliminates all these factors and makes online marketing something you can easily create and manage yourself.

Has anyone seen the Digital Flyer Board yet?  It’s a very affordable digital version of everyone’s favorite bulletin board that you see around town.  The Flyerboard has launched mainly on news websites including the one I work for, The San Diego News Network.

Online Marketing for Local Businesses in San Diego

The New Great Way for Local Businesses to Market Online

The beauty of the Digital Flyerboard is that is makes online advertising available to everyone.  Not only is it extremely affordable (it’s about the price of a movie ticket) but its fully customizable.  You make the flyer yourself, and can chose where and when it is seen.  You can also adjust it on the fly.

The flyer also is sharable and social media compatible.  The flyers drive traffic back to your own website, and also give users the option to share the flyers with their friends via email and social media (like Facebook).

If you have a highly trafficed site, or a local business I strongly suggest you look into the new Digital Flyerboard.  Check it out for yourself here.  Please let me know what you all think about the new unit.  Is it something you can see your publication or business using?

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