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NBA Jam Making a Comeback!

January 5, 2010
NBA Jam coming to Wii

EA Sports next game to be NBA Jam for Wii??

Some of the best news I have heard in a while. Gen Y rejoice!  One of your favorite childhood video games is making a comeback.

In news leaked early, EA Sports is going to announce that they are going to make a new version of NBA Jam that will play exclusively on the Wii.  Now I don’t have a Wii, but honestly depending on how the new version looks, I might have to go out and get one.

For all of you that don’t know or remember NBA Jam the phrase “He’s on Fire!” doesn’t have much meaning to you.  For those like me, who played it non-stop on my Game Gear that phrase activates a giddy side in me.  Those who played it remember the non-stop fun of a perfect video game which broke the mold of all games that came before it.

NBA Jam was a 2 on 2 arcade style basketball game which allowed players to dunk from basically every location on the court and made the “turbo button” what it is today.  It was a game of full court three-point shots (which were literally on fire) and hidden characters like Bill Clinton who could mix it up with the other NBA greats.

So what does the new version of NBA Jam have in store?  Who knows.

Am I excited?  Hell Yes

What new tweaks could we see to the franchise.  I honestly am not even excited about the Wii’s added options for the game, I want to see what new set of hidden characters and changes they will make to have the game still be the same NBA Jam we know and love.

So everyone, what new features do you want this time around?

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