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MGM Grand Twitter Contest

October 29, 2009


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When I was standing in line for Studio 54 at the MGM Grand two weekends ago a very sneaky employee made her way through the line and collected everyone’s email addresses.  I reluctantly gave her mine, but I got an interesting email from them yesterday.

MGM just started a Twitter contest which caught my eye.  Here’s the body of the email:

MGM Grand takes the guilt out of sinning. Tweet a sin along with #mgmsin, and you’re entered to win a free room night at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. We’ll choose one winner at random each day for 30 days. Winners will be announced on our Twitter page, @mgmgrand, so be sure to follow us!

For all you marketing people out there, this is a good example of a viral Twitter contest.  First, they are leveraging all aspects of their company in this campaign.  Their integration between their physical customers, email lists, Twitter followers, brand and web site also makes this campaign much stronger.  Company Twitter profiles fail when you let them stand-alone.  If you can supplement it with your other vehicles (web, email, etc), your Twitter presence will be much more successful.  MGM has done a good job at that in this campaign.

This well-integrated campaign, also scores high in the creativity category. They could have easily had a lame question like: “What’s your favorite part of the MGM Grand?”  But they did a good job of making it unique and play off their brand and Las Vegas’s image.  They make it much more “sexy” to sin; which is Las Vegas.

Now excuse me when I sin by sending emails (yea my life is exciting)

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  1. November 26, 2009 12:55 am

    Very nice site!

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