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Twitterers More Receptive To Ads Than Other Social Net Users

October 7, 2009

What is the value of Twitter?

This is a questions that many people are wondering; including Twitter themselves.  A study just released by technology and media research firm Interpret just shed some light on the value of Twitter.

Their study provided these insights:

  • 24% of Twitter users reviewed or rated products online (compared to 12% of non Twitterers)
  • 20% of Twitter users viewed company profiles (11% of non Twitterers)
  • 20% of Twitter users click on ads or sponsored links (compared to 9%)
  • Almost 20% of their tweets included a brand

If I am a brand manager, this information is very interesting.  By now, most companies are in the social media game, and most have started their Twitter presence.  This gives incentive to move Twitter efforts along more quickly.

These results could be because of the nature of Twitter and its users.  Most non Twitter users say, “why do I care what you’re doing?”  I respond to that with two points:

  • Twitter isn’t about telling the world about yourself, it’s about sharing information, news and ideas.  It’s a medium to teach and learn – not say “I’m sitting on the couch”
  • and.. yes you do care about “what I am doing”.  If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be on Facebook 4 hours a day

People use Twitter to learn and explore, which explains why people are more likely to interact with companies online.  This “open mindedness” and thirst for learning makes Twitter users very active and lucrative customers.  As long as you fill their need for information and “push” them content, chances are they will play around with it.

Something that TV advertising can’t say today.

So Twitter users, do you interact with brands online?

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Note: The original Paid Content Article can be found here


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