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Product Diversity and Up-Selling at Ralphs

September 24, 2009

It’s been hot in San Diego, disgustingly hot.  This is no time to run out of deodorant, which of course I had.

I decided to make a quick run to my neighborhood Ralphs store to pick some up.  What I experienced was unlike any Ralph’s trip I had ever experienced.  More stores need to embrace their product diversity, and push it like Ralphs did yesterday.

First I went and bought my deodorant, then sandwich stuff (they have a great deal on deli meat) and then bread.  When I was walking to check out I saw something that caught my eye.  It read:

“Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol – 40% off with club card”

Only 17.99

If you are a follower of wwwwY you read my earlier post about Brown’s new book and my interest in buying it.  I had decided to hold of on buying it until the price came down and I had more free reading time.  Ralphs did such a good job of giving incentive to buy it, I couldn’t resist.  I had planned on spending less than $10 at my trip to Ralphs, but ended up spending more than $30 because of the book.  That’s what I call upselling.

Most major retailers can learn a thing or two from Ralphs.  Most grocery stores have highly diversified products in their stores. A book section is a regular section in most stores.  But what do you usually see the promotions for?  Proctor and Gamble, Pepsi-Co, Kellogg’s, etc.  The fact that a book was being pushed to consumers was eye catching.

Stores should try and switch things up.  I’m tired of seeing: toilet paper, beer, cereal, coke and the same usual products being pushed at grocery stores.  Yes, I understand those products sell well, and will sell well; but why not try switching things up.  You have all these other products in your store, so why not try to promote some of them.

I would be willing to bet that if Ralphs had put this book promotion in their mailer, that they would have had a decent amount of people coming in to buy the book.  It would save a book store trip for those who were planning on getting it and give them an opportunity to buy groceries as well.  Plus the price was very enticing.

Let this be a lesson to all businesses.  Use your diversified products to your advantage.  Try pushing them to catch the attention of impulse buyers and to bring in new potential customers.

Hey, Ralphs got me, why shouldn’t they get more people like me?

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  1. October 16, 2009 9:47 pm

    Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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