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Social Media Stats Updated for August

September 9, 2009

As we like to do here on wwwwY, we like to keep you updated with the latest social media statistics.  Welcome to the August update.  Here is the Mashable link to their breakdown:

The latest Compete statistics came out for the month of August and there really aren’t many surprises.  Facebook and Twitter had seen massive amounts of growth in the previous months; until they hit the summer.  The traffic to both sites became stagnant for the months of July and August.

Facebook saw a slight drop in unique visitors -.37% but a slight increase in overall visits by 4.69%.

Twitter’s traffic was also fairly flat like Facebook; but they saw a slight increase in unique visitors 1.27% and a small decrease in site visits 2.99%.

Some social media skeptics may be concerned by the leveling off of traffic, but truly there is no reason for concern.  This stagnant period of growth is not a shocker by any means due to the fact that the end of summer (specifically July and August) are known as the slowest internet months.  Internet sites generally experience slowed traffic in the summer due to nicer weather, and vacations.  In the fall, Twitter and Facebook should get back to their more recent levels of growth.

In comparison, lets look at how the original king of social media fared in the summer months.  In the same time period, MySpace’s unique visitors dropped 6.73%.  A much greater decrease than both Twitter and Facebook.  Because of their continued slide, some could say that the mass exodus is soon approaching (if not already here).  Let’s hope they are well versed in the history of Friendster, and can get off the path they are traveling down.

Who would have thought a year ago when Facebook and MySpace were still battling for the #1 and #2 spots in social media traffic that today:

  • Facebook would have over twice the traffic as MySpace, and
  • MySpace only twice as much (and shrinking) traffic as newcomer Twitter?

“Not I” said Todd.

Social media users, don’t fret.  The stagnant growth by your two favorite sites is actually a good thing.

Atleast you don’t still use MySpace

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