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Updated: Chipotle serving breakfast in our nation’s capital

August 31, 2009
On the left, a great moment in 4WY history

On the left, a great moment in 4WY history

When we last touched on breakfast burritos at Chipotle, it looked as though that was a lost cause. A Chipotle rep emailed us their reasoning:

“We had kicked around the idea at one point, but decided to stick with what we do best. We want to build the perfect burrito before we venture into anything else. Adding things like breakfast may distract us from our goal… we also have to extend our hours and we currently use those valuable morning hours to prep all our food.”

All of which was valid. However, in what I’m sure will be sweet news to Chipotle fans, the chain is now serving breakfast. At the Dulles Airport in Washington D.C., you can order a breakfast burrito with all the fixings. From the ingredients list emailed to 4WY, it appears that they’ve kept the standard burrito bar, only in the AM they replace the fajita veggies with Yukon Potatoes, the rice with Eggs and the Chicken with Chorizo.

Currently, the Dulles location is the only restaurant serving breakfast, because the airport’s contract with Chipotle requires  serving breakfast and opening earlier. However, a spokesperson did say that if the test goes well, and there is an overwhelming desire for these burritos, the restaurant would consider expanding into this arena.

Maybe it’s finally time to take that trip to the nation’s capital everyone says you have to take at least once…

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  1. Jgray permalink
    September 14, 2009 1:19 pm

    bring breakfast to colorado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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