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Video? In a magazine? I’m listening…

August 20, 2009

Remember Minority Report, when the futuristic ads were all in video and beaming directly at Tom Cruise?

The advertising world took one step closer to that today, when CBS announced that it will be running a video ad for it’s fall season. Inside of a magazine.

Special editions of Entertainment Weekly (in Los Angeles and New York) will have a page featuring about 40 minutes of promos for the fall season, and an ad for Diet Pepsi Max.

What does this mean?

For starters, it’s a brilliant move by CBS and by co-sponsor Pepsi Max. The promos will feature heavily CBS’ Monday Night lineup, which wins the Monday ratings battles week-in and week out. The combination of Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory draw an enormous share of the 18-49 year old adults (specifically males). Exactly the same target market as Pepsi Max…


Like this, only with video

Like this, only with video

There are people out there who will argue the costs aren’t worth the investment. Certainly the small screen and chip embedded in the magazine cost CBS more than a glossy print ad. But, the buzz generated by the investment, and the wow factor it presents, will allow CBS and Pepi to reach consumers who would never pick up Entertainment Weekly.

Most of the target audience for CBS Monday’s reads, not EW. So, sinking an ad for shows that skew to the youth would have been a loss for CBS. But, by placing video, you get your name out there, and you reach the audience trolling online. The No. 1 news result on Google News for “CBS Video” is this story. That’s reaching people who don’t read magazines, but probably like your shows.

And, for the readers of the magazine, nearly 3/4 get TV information from Video Spots. Why do you think those annoying promos pop up every commercial break during sporting events? So, to take the video ads and give them to consumers, (along with a rechargable flash drive so they can keep enjoying it) seems like a great touch from CBS.

And, this is just the beginning. If we’re able to produce somewhat cost-effective video ads at this time, imagine five to ten years from now. This type of video ad will be on specially marked packages of everything from soda to diapers.

A world with video on every page. It’s coming.

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