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The Twitter Naughty List

August 11, 2009

Earlier, we showed you some companies that clearly understand how to take their brand online in our listing of The Best Corporate Twitter Feeds.

Well, in doing the research for that piece, we came across a number of companies that probably don’t know what a Tweet is (or at least that’s what their Twitter presence would tell you).

Now, not every company needs a Twitter. Defense Contractors, jet-engine makers and Trojan brand condoms probably won’t benefit from Tweeting. But almost every company that sells a consumer good should consider Twitter to be a small but important part of their digital marketing. (And, it makes it easier to respond to consumer complaints lodged via Twitter).

After all, what does it take to run a Twitter feed? Two interns and a laptop? Between tweets, the intern can still fetch coffee and make copies.

So here’s our list of companies that need a better presence on Twitter.

Chevrolet: Rival Ford gives away free tickets to soccer games. Chevy’s Twitter gives away warranty information, and there’s a seperate (but boring) Twitter about the Chevy Volt. (Yawn…)

Bellagio: Perhaps the nicest Las Vegas Hotel has 131 followers and 0 updates? The only thing worse than not having a Twitter is not updating it.

McDonalds: The largest fast-food restaurant in the country doesn’t have a web presence? San Diego’s McDonald’s franchisees have a solid local business Twitter feed, offering you updates on everything from the Happy Meal Toy to Free Mocha Mondays. But what if you don’t live in San Diego?

Vons: Very few retail stores seemed to have caught onto Twitter yet. Which is odd, because with the kind of competition for shoppers in that industry, you’d think they would. But, Vons corporation can take notes from their Glendale, CA location, which tweets updates on Fresh Bread and other weekly deals.

Target: Somehow, Target Commercial Interiors (a small department of the Target Brand with 15 offices) has a regularly updated Twitter. But, meanwhile, the brand that consumers know as Target is suspended due to irregular activity…. What gives?

Miller, Coors and Budweiser: All three major beer companies are getting killed on Twitter. Bud and Miller haven’t even bothered to make one yet, while Coorslight hasn’t tweeted since 2008. And they wonder why sales are down. Attention beer companies. 4W is offering to run your Twitter for you, in exchange for free product. Think it over.

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Did we miss a bad Twitter? Or is there one you like? Were we unfair? Let us know in the comments, we’ll check it out…

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  1. August 12, 2009 11:48 am

    Thanks for the mention in your post. @targetinteriors appreciates the opportunity to connect with people and clients online.


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