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Comic Con Weekend Update: The Friday Update

July 24, 2009

Hi everyone.  So I know I promised an update from Comic-Con last night but I was just too damn tired.  Walking around for 7 or so hours just killed me.

I also figured, that because I am going back today that I could combine them into a mega Comic-Con post with lots of good juicy info.

One thing I want to mention really quickly was one of the best marketing ideas I have heard of (especially for promoting a movie)

Sony Pictures was starting zombie walk last night down the historic Gaslamp district of San Diego at 7pm after the convention closed.  This was to promote their new movie starring Woddie Harrelson, Zombieland.  At the Sony Pictures booth they had free zombie panting where show goers could walk in a human and 5 minutes later walk out dead (or atleast painted as the walking dead).

And everyone was doing it!  Young and old, singles and couples (and of course the hot booth babes)…

The idea was that they could get hundreds of zombies to walk in a horde in San Diego and spread awareness of the new movie.

What a GREAT idea.  Can you imagine, sitting outside at a nice restaurant and thinking “did a zombie just walk by?”  Next thing you know hundreds of other zombies walk by the restaurant.  What a great way of spreading awareness.

Now minus the fact that this is a terrifying promotion (the zombie apocalypse is coming I promise, so prepare yourselves) this was a great promotion.  I guarantee you that if you were in the Gaslamp there was no way that you could:

A: miss a giant horde of zombies walking by you

B: not retain (remember) it

C: not wonder (and find out) why there is a giant horde of zombies walking by you

D: not grab a bat and start swinging

Ok maybe the last one is a little bit of a stretch (but seriously when it does happen, be ready to do so)

It works for all generations, especially Gen Y who loves clutter busting marketing much like this.  Come on marketers, think outside the box!  Sony Pictures is (and if you recall, Sony Pictures is the only organization besides StylinOnline to push social media at the event) and their approach is clearly working for them.

Have a great friday everyone, and I’ll give you another update on Comic-Con.

Oh yea and I’ll tell Jack Bauer you say hi…

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